Links with Rochester Cathedral

Rochester Cathedral was consecrated in 604 AD and the present building initiated by Bishop Gundulf in 1080. The architecture is Norman, Gothic and Early-English Perpendicular with a fine crypt, medieval wall paintings and a magnificent 15th century chapter room doorway. Rochester Cathedral is the second oldest in England. As a Cathedral School, and being part of the foundation of Rochester Cathedral, the Dean of Rochester Cathedral serves as the Chair of King's Rochester's governing body.

King's pupils are priviliged to be able to use the Cathedral on a daily basis. The Senior and Prep Schools hold their weekly Service in the Cathedral, to which parents are invited, and the Senior School holds Chapel in the Cathedral three days a week. Important School services also take place in the Catherdral, such as our Remembrance Service, Installation of Scholars Ceremony, Commemoration Day and School Carol Services.

The Cathedral Choristers, are educated at King's Preparatory School and go on to continue their education in the Senior School. Our Organ Scholars have daily access to the excellent 4 manual organ by Walker and Mander in the Cathedral and they play regularly in Cathedral services. Many of our School concerts, plays and performances take place in the Cathedral and it is a wonderful experience for our pupils to perform in such an awe-inspiring setting.

For more information on this magnificent building, please visit the Cathedral website.