Our Boarding Community
King’s boarding community is not large, but that mean​s that everyone knows each other really well. There is always something going on and most boarders will be around to join in. There are two Boarding Houses, one for girls (St Margaret’s) and one for boys (School House) and, although the two Houses are quite a distance from each other, there are lots of joint activities and we all eat together at the weekends.

One of the best things about being part of a boarding community is meeting lots of other people of the same age, but who all have different backgrounds, interests, experiences, likes and dislikes. Some boarders at King’s come from other countries, so there is a lot of sharing about different cultures. When you live with other young people, you build up trust with them really quickly and you know that there will always be someone there to share the good times – and the times when things aren’t going so well, or if you feel a bit homesick.

The younger boarders (usually around11 upwards) get lots of help and attention from the House Staff, but as you get older, they help you to become more self-sufficient, which sets you in good stead for going to University and moving away from your parents. They are always there though, if you ever need any help with anything or to talk through any problems. Teachers – and older boarders - are great for helping with homework, if you get stuck after school and the older boarders are also great for advice, if you need reassurance over something that you don’t want to talk to a teacher about. You never hear anyone say that they have been lonely in boarding here at King’s.