What Makes King's Special

King's Rochester is proud to be  "A Community that Enables Individuals to Flourish".

For every member of the School, this is not just a motto or a strapline. It is the way we all live each and every day so that all our pupils are supported by their staff and each other to be able to develop the skills, strengths, talents and characteristics which will sustain each one of them through life.

King’s Rochester is a very special place. Not only does it occupy a majestic and beautiful site between Rochester’s ancient Norman castle and Cathedral overlooking the River Medway,  but its  ancient exterior belies a warmth rarely found in a school whose traditions are centuries old. Founded in 604, the second oldest school in England and the oldest Cathedral Choir School in the world, King’s Rochester has evolved throughout the centuries into a unique and distinctive 21st century school for 3 to 18 year old girls and boys. 

But it is what goes on inside which makes us truly unique and distinguishes King's from other schools.

What makes King's distinctive?

Our structure - We are one School which offers unbroken education from 3 to 18 in three discrete schools, each of which specialises in, and focuses on the needs of their particular age group whilst enjoying the support of staff and facilities in the other component parts.

Our setting - We have a safe, green site in the centre of a historic town but one which both protects the younger children within its walls whilst allowing the older, Senior pupils to develop independence as they move around the wider town site. Access is excellent from Rochester - to London, to the motorways and to airports.

Our community - Our close-knit structure fosters close and friendly relationships between pupils across all age groups and pupils and staff know each other well. Parents too are closely involved in the wider life of King's as well as in the education of their own children. Members of our small, but significant boarding community come from the local area - and the rest of the world - and contribute greatly to the wider life of King's. Some of our local, day pupils are second and third generation Roffensians whilst some have only just discovered us and travel from the outskirts of London or from deeper Kent to be part of the King's community.

Our view of education - Our focus is on academic attainment but without the destructive, hothouse element.We realise the importance of developing skills and interests beyond the classroom and encourage talent of all kinds - musical, sporting, dramatic and artistic. No Saturday lessons help busy families to spend quality weekend time together while boarders enjoy a full programme of activities. 

Our personalised approach - Classes at King's are small enough to ensure that teachers know pupils very well. Pastoral care is second to none as a result and progress is monitored closely in a tight-knit House structure where the needs of the individual are paramount and remain at the centre of the whole of King's educational philosophy. 

Loyalty to King's runs deep amongst Old Roffensians and their families and contact is maintained and valued via the Old Roffensian Society and via our alumni Careers Service, The Jobs Network

Clear values are central to our ethos and moral values, self-discipline and emotional intelligence are our core. Our strong links with the Cathedral and our Christain foundation are reflected the way we promote and live by Christian values.